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Atkore Joins ETIM North America

Sept. 21, 2021
ETIM NA, the North American chapter of ETIM International, brings the language-independent product classification system to North America.

Atkore is newest manufacturer to join the ETIM North America (NA) product classification standards organization. Atkore’s portfolio of brands includes AFC Cable Systems, Allied Tube & Conduit, Calbrite, Calbond, Heritage Plastics, Cope, US Tray, Unistrut, Power-Strut and FRE Composites.

The company joins other electrical manufacturers like Prysmian, Electri-Flex, ABB, Eaton participating in ETIM NA-led committee activities to build out the classification model according to the needs of the North American electrical market and related verticals.  The Wire, Cable and Conduit Product Expert group will be launching in September.  Atkore will bring expertise to the group, as well as Wire Management in the existing Wiring Devices group.

In its first year, ETIM NA attracted 23 like-minded manufacturers, distributors, technology companies and associations who see the value in supporting an industry developed data standard. The improved product classification system is supported by chapters in 24 countries and used globally.  It can generate supply chain efficiency, facilitate downstream computer-to-computer communication, and enhance eCommerce functionality.

Bill Waltz, president and CEO of Atkore, said in the press release, "Joining ETIM NA will help Atkore on our digital transformation journey and enable us to further support our channel partners on their digital journey while also enhancing our customers’ e-commerce experience, since the ETIM model will give structure to our data facilitating easier product search. As a member of the IDEA board of directors, I see ETIM NA very complementary to IDEA and am pleased to see the two organizations work together.”

“I’m confident that our contribution to the refinement of the standards will help accelerate adoption of the model within the electrical distribution industry,” added Seth Gilbert, Atkore’s senior manager – Product Information Management Implementation, in  the press release. “We are adapting the ETIM standard into our core product data offering to make it easier for our customers use.”

ETIM North America’s Executive Director, Mary Shaw, remarked that “Atkore’s membership is a welcome addition and their involvement in a number of Product Expert groups is a valued contribution that will help us accelerate refinement of the ETIM model. I look forward to working with the Atkore team.”

ETIM NA’s vision is to support the adoption and utilization of the machine-readable ETIM standards throughout the entire electrical ecosystem.  The standards help enable efficient transference of product information across technology platforms from manufacturers down to contractors and engineers.  Through the efforts of the ETIM NA Product Expert groups, the ETIM model is being translated to the North American languages and terminology, along with additions to include the products specific to the local market.