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Benchmark Your Operations Against Other Electrical Distributors

Jan. 11, 2022
Electrical Wholesaling’s 4Q 2021 market conditions survey with Vertical Research Partners will help you see where you stand compared to other electrical distributors with key metrics including sales growth, pricing and end-market activity.


Electrical Wholesaling is once again partnering with Vertical Research Partners (VRP), Stamford, CT, to conduct our quarterly Electrical Distributor Survey. The Q4 2021 survey EW and VRP developed will help us provide a real-time pulse on market trends including volume, pricing, end-market activity and much more.

Click here to start the survey or paste this web address in your browser:

The survey will take you less than two minutes to complete, and your responses will be anonymous and strictly confidential. All respondents will get a free copy of the report so  they will be able to see how their responses compared with those of other distributors.

Vertical Research Partners ( is an independent equity research boutique specializing in industrial research with long-standing experience covering the Electrical Equipment sector. VRP has been conducting its own proprietary North American survey for 12 years capturing approximately $1B in sales each quarter.If you have questions about the survey, contact Nick Lipinski, Associate and Analyst, Vertical Research Partners at [email protected] return your response by Wednesday, January 19.Thanks for your participation!


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