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EW's Quote of the Day: 11/01/2013

    "I had everything a kid could want: two square meals a day, a basket to sleep in and an imaginary dog." --Ray Magliozzi , noted car mechanic/savant and amateur philosopher of Click and Clack fame from the CarTalk radio show From "Ray's Life Thus Far," in the book, "Our Humble Opinion: Car Talk's Click and Clack Rant and Rave."

Editor’s note. Electrical Wholesaling’s editors have kicked off a new online feature that we think you will enjoy. We all have favorite quotes from business leaders, celebrities, sports figures, musicians, childhood heroes, family members and others. Do you have a favorite quote on leadership, sales, marketing or management that you would like to share with Electrical Wholesaling’s online audience? Please send them along to [email protected] and we will consider them for publication on this website, in the monthly print publication on Electrical Wholesaling’s LinkedIn page and on Twitter @elecwholesaling.

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