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Who's Hiring?

A new feature Electrical Wholesaling's editors are going to try out on the new EW Update e-mail newsletter that will launch on Monday, April 7 is a weekly analysis of the job postings on Electrical Wholesaling’s LinkedIn page. The companies below posted new jobs in the last 10 days. Click on those links for more info.

During the past 7-10 days, Eaton, Anixter and Crescent Electric Supply dominated the new job posting at EW LinkedIn. Eaton is looking for quite a few sales engineers and sales reps, while Anixter is looking for inside and outside sales reps. Schneider Electric, Erico and Siemens also have multiple job openings. We also got a posting at our LinkedIn page from the folks at ElectroTech in Minneapolis for an inside sales rep. Below are the links to more information on the job openings at these companies.


Crescent Electric Supply



Schneider Electric


Be sure to check EW’s for job openings, too. If you want to post a job at call 484-478-0154 or send an email to [email protected].



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