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Understanding the electrical products market is no small undertaking, whether you're new to the business or trying to forecast where it's going in the years ahead. Here's your one stop for both the context and the data.


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2023's 150 Largest Electrical Distributors

June 2, 2023
With some new sales data we recently received, we have some changes in the 2023 Top 150. Border States Electric is now ranked #6 and Eckart Supply moved up to #62 in the ranking...

10 Local Markets to Watch in 2023

Oct. 3, 2022
Although economists’ forecasts for the national economy in 2023 are mixed, these 10 local markets have got more than enough momentum to power through an uncertain business climate...
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Sizing Up Your Local Markets

July 29, 2022
This article will help you find free local market data and teach you how to use it to analyze the towns and cities with the most growth potential. First of two parts.
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Electrical Wholesaling's 2022 Top 150: The Story Behind the Numbers

June 2, 2022
Wondering what Top 150 are thinking about economic conditions in the electrical market, lead times, price increases and new revenue opportunities? This gallery offers a quick ...
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5 Trends that Will Shake the Electrical Market

April 1, 2022
EW’s new Lunchtime Learning series will offer the electrical market a new training resource for new employees.


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Download: 2021's 10 Largest Distributors in North America

Oct. 13, 2023
An expanded look at the 10 largest distributors from our Electrical Wholesaling Top 150.
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EW Podcast: The 2020 Top 200 Electrical Distributors

July 29, 2020
Listen to the latest insider scoop on this year's Top 200 ranking of electrical distributors.
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EW's 2020 Top 200 Ranking

June 16, 2020
You can download the latest table version of the 2020 Top 200 Ranking in a spreadsheet. Updated July 29, 2020.
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Residential Market 101

Feb. 18, 2020
Increased demand for structured wiring systems, residential generators, and the latest in home lighting and security have increased the range of products electrical distributors...
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Dodge Momentum Index Starts 2020 on the Downside

Feb. 10, 2020
In January, ten projects each with a value of $100 million or more entered planning. The leading commercial projects were a $200 million parking garage in the Bronx, NY, and the...