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Fluctuations in the price of copper have a direct impact on the value of an electrical distributor's inventory, and changing prices of other key materials such as steel, aluminum and zinc have their own effects on prices in the market.


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Metals Markets Venturing Into Uncharted Pricing Territory

April 6, 2020
Electrical Wholesaling's copper expert, John Gross publisher of The Copper Journal, offers some insight into what's happening with metals and why we may see some U.S. manufacturing...
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Shifting Sands of Sentiment Shaping Copper Prices

July 29, 2019
The author says a complex mix of factors in today's global economy are responsible for the volatile pricing swings in the copper market.
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Copper Pricing Hit with a “the Old One-Two Punch” 

July 8, 2019
The author says that despite the recent pounding copper prices have endured, the red metal is still standing.
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Metals Pricing: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

June 24, 2019
​​​​​​​Metals expert and EW contributing writer John Gross provides some historical perspective on some trends he sees in the current pricing of copper and other metals, as well...
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Copper Pricing Trends in January: Learning from Past History

Jan. 9, 2019
A brief glance at the average price of copper for each month from 2000–2018 shows the average for the entire period is $2.41.


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Electric Vehicle eBook

April 27, 2023
From batteries to charging stations to the actual vehicles, we take stock of our switch to electric mobility as it picks up ever more speed.
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Metals Market Sending Mixed Messages (Again)

Sept. 17, 2018
The Copper Journal's John Gross says uncertainty in metals pricing because of tariffs, along with the resulting volatility, is taking a toll on the entire global metals industry...
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Pricing Increases Stirring Up Storm Clouds for Sunny San Diego’s Construction Market?

Sept. 17, 2018
Construction material prices pricing increases, san diego,
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NEMA Welcomes Progress on NAFTA Modernization

Sept. 12, 2018
Association sees opportunity for "state-of-the-art platform for North American electroindustry manufacturing and trade."
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When Prices Rise

Sept. 4, 2018
Price increases are rolling through the channels for electrical equipment and construction materials of all kinds. This is the time for distributors to take a look at the effects...