Lutron Helps the Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition Raise Awareness of Electricity System and Usage

Lighting control manufacturer Lutron Electronics Co., Inc., Coopersburg, Pa., has joined forces with the Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG) to develop compatible products and help raise awareness of how lighting demand-response activities can stabilize the power grid. The DRSG communicates the opportunities in building the Smart Grid infrastructure and practices that will update the national electricity system and change the way customers best use electricity.

The DRSG is a trade association for companies that provide products and services in the areas of demand response, energy storage, smart metering and other smart grid technologies and services. DRSG works to educate and provide information to policymakers, utilities, the media, the financial community and stakeholders on how demand response, smart grid technologies and practices can help modernize the electricity system and provide customers with new information and options for managing their electricity use. Recently the group has been focused on how demand response and smart grid infrastructure can help lead an economic recovery in the United States.

“Executing demand response with a home or building light control system is one of the most effective ways to stabilize and bring efficiencies in peak demand situations,” said Ian Rowbottom, director of Smart Grid Solutions at Lutron. “Shedding lighting loads throughout a building can be done without occupants even knowing its happening and helps prevent community-wide power supply disruption.”

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