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DISC’s Latest Flash Update – Look for Better Growth in 2017

​Herm Isenstein, president, DISC Corp., Orange, Conn., and the electrical market’s leading economist, has updated his forecasts for 2016-2017 on his new Flash Update, a monthly forecasting service launched earlier this year. 

Says Herm, “We expect industry sales in 2017 to advance 5.7% which is the best industry sales performance in five years. This year is still expected to be negative, down just 0.9% from the 2015 level. There is a boost next year from industry prices gaining 2% after running negative in the past two years.”

Want to subscribe to the DISC Flash Update, which will offers additional analysis each month about the market drivers shaping the electrical market? Contact Herm at [email protected] or 203-799-3673. He is now working on an analysis of how Brexit may impact the U.S. electrical market that you won’t want to miss.

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