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BHPBillitonChileCoppermine Photo credit: BHP Billiton

Why are Copper Markets Rising?

What are copper markets rising? The quick and most accurate answer is that we don’t know why. Maybe it is because of the decline of inventories; or perhaps it is the result of production cuts, or possibly it is due to nothing more than the stars coming into favorable alignment.

The fact is, one can spend hours, days, or weeks examining facts, figures, fundamental market structures, economic, financial and political events, and not come to a reasonable conclusion as to why markets do what they do.

Interestingly though, in the end, we don’t have to know the reasons why, all we really have to do is study, and be guided by what the charts are telling us. As they say – Keep It Simple. 

For additional analysis of copper and other metal markets, email Gross, the publisher of The Copper Journal by clicking here or calling him at 631-824-6486.


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