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Illustration 60886103 / Kheng Ho To / Dreamstime
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Illustration 60886103 / Kheng Ho To / DreamsTime
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Inline Electric Supply Endorses NEMRA POS Standards

Aug. 1, 2022

Inline Electric Supply, Huntsville, AL, ranked as the 58th largest electrical distributor in the country according to Electrical Wholesaling’s updated Top 150 ranking, has endorsed NEMRA’s POS/POT Minimum Reporting Standards.

With 19 locations in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee, Inline Electric is a fast-growing Southeast electrical distributor. Historically the company focused on the Alabama market, however, with its recent acquisitions in the Tennessee market, Inline, knowing the importance of strong relationships with their independent electrical manufacturer representatives, sought to provide them with appropriate POS information.

Shortly after their acquisition of Williams Electric Supply. Bruce Summerville, President of Inline, contacted NEMRA to learn more about the NEMRA POS Standards. “We need the rep support, and we want to make sure that they are compensated,” he said in the press release. “This will make the process much easier for us.

 “As Inline grows to service new markets in multiple states, we feel that our participation in the NEMRA point of sale program will help ensure that the proper sales credit goes to the representative responsible for helping establish the demand for products in the local marketplace.  The proper reflection of sales credit to the proper source will improve Inline's relationships with representatives in the markets that we both serve.”

Jim Johnson, President of NEMRA, said in the press release, “On behalf of the NEMRA independent manufacturer representatives in the Southeast, we appreciate Inline’s endorsement. Their support further highlights that POS is not solely a national chain issue. Growing independents recognize the importance of supporting their local reps, whom they have a partnership with. Standards make the process easier, reduces operational costs and gets information to manufacturers and reps faster and more accurately. Every distributor that does business with manufacturers in multiple territories can benefit from the NEMRA POS standards and safeguard their customer information if they so desire.”

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