Forbes article on Amazon assault on wholesalers nets 147K-plus page views

This article by Forbes’ Clare O’Connor on Amazon Supply, “Amazon's Wholesale Slaughter: Jeff Bezos' $8 Trillion B2B Bet,” is attracting a ton of attention, but to me it relies way too much on clever phrasing (“Amazon’s Wholesale Slaughter”?  Geesh…), vague death-knell analysis on the fate of wholesale-distirbutors, and the 35,000-feet high-altitude opinions of distribution industry consultants, and not enough on interviews with distributors, manufacturers or potential/current Amazon Supply customers who have to compete with, buy from or sell through AmazonSupply. Very definitely still worth a read, whether you agree or disagree with the facts or opinions in the article, but the one-size-dooms-all analysis of Amazon as a competitor is off base.


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