WECS, Palm Springs, Calif., is right down the street  from a large wind farm, and several years ago Bruce Hammett, the company's president, sent EW this beautiful image of a rainbow over the wind turbines. Said Hammett in an email accompanying this photo, “Untouched photo taken 8 a.m. in Palm Springs area looking west where WECS is now involved in commercial solar farming… Storm coming in from west coast brought wind and clouds toward the valley. High winds blow out the clouds, but brings in sprinkles from miles away. Morning sun in east creates the rainbow.”

WECS Expands in Texas to Service Growth of Wind Farms

WECS Electric Supply, Palm Springs, Calif., has added a new distribution location in Abilene Texas, to service the wind farms in the region. Bruce Hammett, the company’s president, says the new Abilene office will support the huge array of existing wind turbines located throughout Texas, the largest state of wind energy development in the nation, as well as other states. He added that in the past 12 months WECS has hired five people at its Palm Springs office and has three new outside salespeople for the Abilene office and one in the Portland, Ore., market.

With 30 years as a distributor of construction and maintenance products devoted to wind and solar energy development and service support, WECS (Wind Energy Commercial Solar) inventories components specifically for construction and maintenance of these renewable systems.  WECS has expanded yearly with involvement in solar components, and stocks mechanical and hydraulic components in its distribution inventory with major contract relationships for the provision and inventory of the hard-to-find components, and direct contractual relationships as a specialty house with several European OEM suppliers. Additional locations are anticipated in the Midwest and Northwest to meet the growing demands of the two industries.




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