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Product of the Week

Part of the SIMpull Circuit Management System, the SIMpull CoilPAK Wire Package, eliminates the need for circuit-sized spools. Available with both solid and stranded cable options, the SIMpull CoilPAK Wire Package includes the company’s NoLube SIM Technology circuit-sized wire coiled using a proprietary winding process. Each CoilPAK, weighing less than 50 lb, can stand upright when in a resting position or can lay flat or stacked when pulling wire from the package, eliminating the hassles of tangled wires and managing multiple individual wire reels. Available in wire sizes from 10 gauge, up to 1,250 ft; 12 gauge, up to 2,000 ft; and 14 gauge, up to 2,500 ft, the tote is molded with a handle that makes it easy to carry around a job.