AWEAwindturbines Photo credit: American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

The Dallas Morning News article said that Texas has already passed its 2025 goal for wind generation five years ago and now counts 12,800 megawatts of wind power -- often more than a quarter of the electricity on its grid.

Dallas Morning News: Texas to End Wind Subsidies?

With the Lone Star state now supplying 20% of the total wind generating capacity in United States, some Texas politicians are calling for an end to the state subsidies that support the now-booming industry. Says  the Mar. 23 article in the Dallas Morning News:

“Thousands of wind turbines have sprung up across West Texas and up and down the Gulf Coast. Companies as diverse as Google and Dow Chemical are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Texas in a race to lower their carbon emissions. With almost 20 percent of the country’s total capacity, Texas has become the undisputed king of wind energy.

“With so much success, state politicians are asking whether it’s time for Texas to end its support for the renewable power industry. State Sen. Troy Fraser, R-Horseshoe Bay, the chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, has filed legislation to end the very renewable energy program he championed a decade ago, when wind power was still in its infancy.”

The Dallas Morning News report

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