AWEAwindturbine Photo credit: American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

Google Buys Entire Production of Wind Farms in Norway and Sweden to Power Data Centers

Google continues to make news with its plans to eventually run its operations 100% from clean energy. According to its Google Green Blog, last year it purchased 942MW of addition renewable power. The company recently announced it's purchasing 236MW from two Scandinavian wind farms and said in its blog:

“These new Nordic power purchase agreements complement our three other Swedish wind deals and enable us to power even more of our European operations with renewable energy. In total, we now have seven purchase agreements in Europe, totaling more than 500 MW and 18 such deals globally, which means we’ve now purchased nearly 2.5 gigawatts (GW) worldwide – the equivalent of taking over 1 million cars off the road.

“As with our other power purchase agreements, we’re buying the entire production of these new wind farms, situated in two great areas for onshore wind in Europe. In Norway, power will be generated by a 50-turbine project near Stavanger, which is set to be completed in late 2017. In Sweden, we’re buying power from a 22-turbine project, near Mariestad and Töreboda, which will be completed by early 2018. In both cases, we’ve signed long-term contracts that give us price certainty and help wind farm developers secure construction financing, in these cases from companies like Blackrock and Ardian.”

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