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Wind Enthusiasts Band Together to Makes Skies Safer for Bats

The U.S. wind energy industry recently announced a new voluntary operating protocol expected to make flying a little safer for bats during their annual migration season in the fall.

The agreement, developed by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Washington, D.C.  with the initial  support of 17 of its member companies, involves wind operators’ voluntarily limiting the operations of turbines in low-wind speed conditions during the fall bat migration season, when research has shown bats are most at risk of collision. The new protocols are based on over 10 years of research by the Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative (BWEC) and others.

“The adoption of this protocol to reduce impacts to bats is a continuation of our legacy of care for wildlife and the environment,” said Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA. “American wind power is strongly committed to producing one of the safest and cleanest forms of energy, for people and wildlife."


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