2014 Regional Factbook


The multi-billion dollar expansion of the Port of Long Beach involves both expanded docks and a new intermodal rail hub. / Port of Long Beach
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2014 Pacific Region Forecast

Nov. 7, 2013
Construction activity is booming on all fronts in the Pacific region. Vast array of projects includes billions of dollars in mass-transit. Office projects include the Amazon ...
Some large solar projects in New Mexico and Nevada top the list of green construction projects in this region. / First Solar
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2014 Mountain Region Forecast

Nov. 7, 2013
Historically, this region has some of the nation’s fastest-growing housing markets in Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix, but this year none of these cities logged building permit...
With Mississippi River river traffic and Gulf of Mexico oil business booming, New Orleans is coming back. / Wikimedia Commons
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2014 West South Central Region Forecast

Nov. 7, 2013
Watch for billions of dollars in construction around the Port of New Orleans as the city repositions itself as a center of international commerce. With its oil business, residential...
This photo illustrates two of the biggest drivers of this region's economy - oil & gas and agri-business.
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2014 West North Central Region Forecast

Nov. 7, 2013
The Bakken region's oil boom gets the attention, and it is the biggest game around. Construction in Nebraska of a new U.S. Strategic Command headquarters and a new data center...
Nashville is the region's largest city and usually boasts a healthy housing market, but so far this year residential construction is below the national rate. / Wikimedia Commons
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2014 East South Central Region Forecast

Nov. 7, 2013
A big tire plant in Mississippi is the largest project in the region. Unemployment is higher than the national average. Mississippi added 6,300 new construction jobs through ...