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DSG Name New CFO

Oct. 5, 2018
Jim Lucy
The folks at Boss Controls love being on the cutting edge of new technology. Several are “serial entrepreneurs” who worked for other startups before coming to BOSS Controls. (Left-right) Paulette Duderstadt, the company’s CMO and CXO, marketing for C-Leveled; Abby Kougher, C-Leveled; Greg Puschnigg; Dan Brailer; and Tara Mocco, BOSS’s corporate controller.
Photo by Jim Lucy
Nicole Bagozzi, president (foreground right), and the EDGReps crew: Amiee Paprocki, Catherine Moldenhauer, Ben Bagozzi and Curtis Moldenhauer.


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Roadmap for Growth

Oct. 1, 2019
An innovative package of project design and logistical services for lighting jobs has helped fuel Lonestar Electric Supply’s explosive growth over the past four years.
As part of our 95th Anniversary celebration, EW’s editors picked out some of our favorite company profiles that we have done over the past few years.

11 Unforgettable EW Distributor Profiles You Don't Want to Miss

April 27, 2015
As part of our 95th Anniversary celebration, EW’s editors picked out some of our favorite company profiles we have done over the past few years.
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What Other Local Company Presidents Have to Say About the WinLectric Way

March 13, 2015
Note: This article is a sidebar to the March 2015 profile of WinWholesale, "The Will to Win."
Photos by Jim Lucy
Before coming to Ft. Collins Winlectric in 1981, Roger Glanz was an electrician’s apprentice.

The Will to Win: Profile of WinWholesale

March 13, 2015
WinWholesale has dramatically expanded the services it offers the local operating companies over the years, and today they include mobile apps for customers, a sophisticated home...
Photo by Jim Lucy
Larry Heimrath (left) and Joe Fusco, his nephew and the fourth generation in the family-owned business, have used their street smarts to build what they say is the largest family-owned electrical supply house headquartered in Manhattan.

Masters of the New York Minute

Dec. 15, 2014
For G&G Electric Supply’s Larry Heimrath and Joe Fusco, there’s no place quite like New York and with the city’s renaissance, no better time to be an electrical distributor in...

Graybar Branches Out

May 13, 2013
A key component of Graybar’s branch expansion campaign is its SAP ERP system, which simplifies the process of adding new branch locations.
From its one location in Tampa, Electric Supply Inc. covers 90% of Florida with the help of 24 delivery trucks.

Measuring Service: Electric Supply Inc.

April 8, 2013
Electric Supply Inc. counts on an annual customer satisfaction survey to monitor where it needs to focus.
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For the Love of the Game

Aug. 1, 2012
Ever wonder who that guy is with the pink hat at Cubs' games? Meet Jim Anixter of A-Z Industries.
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Extreme Branching

July 1, 2012
Codale Electric Supply pushes distribution branch design to the limits, even in its most remote markets.