AMP, Pirelli form fiber venture

AMP Inc., Harrisburg, Pa., and Pirelli Cables and Systems North America, Columbia, S.C., have joined forces to offer a one-stop source of fiber-optic cable and connectors for the U.S. premises wiring market. The alliance makes AMP the exclusive source in the U.S. for Pirelli fiber-optic premises-cabling products while giving Pirelli much broader coverage in that segment of the market.

AMP will take over all marketing and sales activities for Pirelli's fiber-optic cable for indoor premises-cabling applications. The cable will be marketed as "AMP/Pirelli" cable through AMP's existing distributor base.

AMP will discontinue manufacturing its own fiber-optic cabling at a plant in Greensboro, N.C. AMP sought a new partner to capture volume efficiencies and larger capacity to improve on-time delivery consistency. The Greensboro plant also makes copper premises cabling and will continue operation.

Pirelli will still market its outside-plant fiber-optic cable to the telephony and cable television markets through its own marketing and sales units.

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