ElectroRep to Sell Southwire and Klein Tools in Mining Markets

ElectroRep, Inc., Sausalito, Calif., is expanding into the mining market in the western U.S. and has entered into agreements with Southwire Co. and Klein Tools to act as their sales rep servicing the mining companies in this region. ElectroRep will initially focus on the mining markets in Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada, and the company has employed a sales resource based in the Denver area to help expand their presence in the mining market.

“We see the mining market as an excellent source for diversity and growth within our organization, and we are committed to this investment for the long term and will build the premier outsourced field sales model for this marketplace over the next three years,” said Kelly Boyd, the company's president. “ElectroRep will call on end users in the mines as well as traditional mining distribution companies and/or electrical distribution serving the mines. We see a lot of synergy between what have learned in 51 years of selling to the electrical channel being very applicable to the mining markets.”

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