May-June 2023

2023's Top 150 Electrical Distributors, AI-Powered Sales and Commercial Market 101 - Part 2
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2023's 150 Largest Electrical Distributors

June 2, 2023
With some new sales data we recently received, we have some changes in the 2023 Top 150. Border States Electric is now ranked #6 and Eckart Supply moved up to #62 in the ranking...
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A Look Inside Electrical Wholesaling’s 2023 Top 150 Electrical Distributors

June 2, 2023
A lot has been happening over the last year with North America’s largest electrical distributors. Let’s check out some of the highlights.Dakota Supply Group, Plymouth, MN, is ...
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Green Shoots Despite a Potential Drought

June 2, 2023
Top 150 distributors continue to invest in their businesses despite an uncertain economy.
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AI-Powered Sales

May 5, 2023
A former cowboy boots salesperson at a billion-dollar distributor used AI-powered software to learn how to sell to customers and quickly generate sales.
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Commercial Market 101 - 2023 Update

April 7, 2023
This month’s article focuses on one of the most important of all markets for electrical products — the commercial construction market. The products used in this market cut across...